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Bruther Monk LIVE!!! @ the Speakeasy – In the Mountains

Here’s the first clip from the show!  This song is called In the Mountains

Huge thanks to Rowena Cruz for catching such great footage.
There’s four clips total so stay tuned for more soon!  In the meantime enjoy this one and pass it on!!!


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Bruther Monk in the New Year!

It’s a new year and we here at Bruther Monk are ready to make it the rockinest year ever!  We’ve got huge plans for 2012 but before I go into that, first things first.

We’d like to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that came to our show last week.  As performers, we thrive on the energy you all bring and I can assure you that there was no lack zeal from the audience that night.  You guys came to party and party you did!

A special shout out goes to Roda Vargas, Darren W. Schaefer, and Rowena Cruz for capturing the night in film.  Check out the albums they posted on Facebook:

Roda Vargas –

Darren W. Schaefer –

Rowena Cruz –

As you might be able to tell from the pictures, a good time was had by all.

So then what’s in store for Bruther Monk’s future?  It’s anybody’s guess at this point but what I can say is that we had an amazing time and such great times are meant to be repeated.  Keep your fingers crossed.  2012 may just bring you exactly what you want.



The wait is over!  For the first time in over a decade BRUTHER MONK will perform LIVE!!!

On the heels of Dan Datiles‘ phenominal show this past Thursday, I am happy to confirm that Bruther Monk will be performing at the Speakeasy in Carrboro on Tuesday.

Tuesday, Dec 27th, 2011
The Speakeasy at Tyler’s
102 E Main St, Carrboro, NC 27510

Tell your family. Tell your friends. Tell your mailman. Tell everyone! This could very well be a one time thing so do whatever you can, whatever you need to to make it to this show!

Check in on the  event page and add yourself and everyone you know!

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Bruther Dano Performing LIVE at the Chapel Hill Underground!

That’s right!  This Thurday, Dec 22nd at Chapel Hill Underground!

Dan Datiles will be performing in Juan Huevos’ annual holiday bash.

This year looks like it’s going to outdo even last year’s show so come out and catch some great music this holiday season!

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Rumors of a Bruther Monk Reunion Show True?

I’m not ready to say either way.  However, if you all promise to be extra good, Santa might just bring you a special treat this holiday…


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