Testing out the recording gear… (PLUSH cover)

Here’s a quick gear test we threw together.  Since we plan on doing more videos for YouTube, I wanted to check test the how good the quality of our recorded material will be.  Happy to say that even though the performance wasn’t that great, the quality turned out very good.  Yes we are pleased.

Check out the cover of Stone Temple Pilot’s PLUSH we did for this gear test.

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Bruther Monk LIVE!!! – Dim

This song is called DIM. Also one of our very early tunes.

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More Bruther Monk LIVE!!! – Room for Two

Here’s another clip from our show at the Speakeasy in Carrboro. This song is called Room for Two and is actually our very first song EVER.
There’s a bit of feedback from the acoustic guitar and you can see me trying to adjust it mid-song. But it’s not too bad and the recording as a whole is pretty good

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